H-Network: Afternoon Tea with Dr. Annie Wu on Breaking Gender Norms 和伍淑清博士的下午茶

On August 9, 2014, H-Network, a Harvard alumni-initiated network dedicated to women’s professional development in Beijing, held the inaugural event "Swimming Upstream: Afternoon Tea with Dr. Annie Wu on Breaking Gender Norms” at the Beijing American Club.

During the event, Dr. Annie Wu gave a inspiring speech on her life experience focusing on how she managed to work and succeed in a male-dominated environment and balanced her work and family. Later, the participants asked several questions and then networked among themselves.

The H-Network plans to have more events in the future.





About the Speaker:

Dr. Annie Wu(伍淑清)is a recipient of Fortune Magazine's “Successful Hong Kong Business Woman” award, Dr. Wu entered an industry previously foreign to women and established Beijing Air Catering Co., Ltd., China's first ever joint venture. Throughout her career, Dr. Wu has also been involved in the political and philanthropic space, and, among many other achievements, serves as the 12th Standing Committee Member of the National Committee of Chinese People's Consultative Conference, chairs the Hong Kong Soong Ching Ling Children's Foundation, and helped establish the Hong Kong Federation of Women. Dr. Wu will share with the group her thoughts on what it means to defy conventional gender expectations, and the importance of social courage in breaking down barriers to women’s advancement.