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1. 要成为哈佛北京校友会会员,请进入 哈佛北京校友会官方小程序 填写会员申请表格;

2. 处理完您的申请之后,请通过小程序支付会费

会员统一费用:RMB 300/年


3. 恭喜!你已经成为哈佛北京校友会会员!


Become a Member

Thank you for your interest in the Harvard Club of Beijing. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and professions, and all schools at Harvard.

As a HCB member, you may attend Club events at a discounted rate and have priority access to exclusive Club events, which include academic and alumni talkshappy hoursand an annual Alumni Appreciation gala dinner, whatsmore, have the right to be elected and to vote in the board election. 

1. To become a HCB member, please fill in the membership application form from Mini Program of Harvard Beijing Alumni

2. After we process your application, please use the mini program to pay the membership fee.

Fee: RMB 300/Year

Your dues will help fund the Club's events and administrative expenses throughout the year. We appriciate your support. 

3. Congratulations! You have become a Harvard Club of Beijing member!

Questions? Please email