Talk by Harvard Professor Ezra F. Vogel 傅高义教授谈中国外交

On September 3, 2014, the Harvard and Yale Clubs of Beijing held a “Talk by Harvard Professor Ezra F. Vogel” event at a courtyard house near the Forbidden City.

During the event, Prof. Vogel gave a talk that covered a huge range of topics including Sino-Japanese relations, China and the international community and the translation of his work. Later, some very challenging questions were asked by the audience, but Vogel handled all of them wisely. Vogel also discussed a few thoughts about his next book. He’s leaning towards a brief work on Sino-Japanese relations, given the issue’s current importance.

Lots of Harvard and Yale alumni were in attendance. Some notable surprising guests, such as one of Deng Xiaoping’s former translators, were present at the meeting as well.