[10/19] H-Network: Women in the World of Finance

On October 19, the H-Network held an engaging afternoon discussion with three influential women in the world of finance: Amy Cheng from BOC International, Jing Hong from Hillhouse Capital Group, and Jenny Zeng from Magic Stone Alternative Investments.

Topics of discussion included developing a career in finance and breaking through the glass-ceiling. Each panelist shared her personal career development story in the respective fields of investment banking, private equity and financial advisory, sharing stories of the early days of their career, the difficulties and barriers they faced on their way to success, how they handled important career transitions and changes, and how to grasp the rare career opportunities when they came.

The conversation was genuine and personal, and inspirational for many in attendance. During the Q&A session, the audience raised questions on limitations women face due to family responsibilities and mid-career choices, and sought advice for women who are “unsuccessful” or underprivileged. After the Q&A session, the event concluded with active interaction between the audience and the panelists.