On Saturday, Oct. 29, about 12 alumni volunteers from the Harvard Club of Beijing and the Cornell Club of Beijing, visited the seniors at the Beishatan Community Center (朝阳区北沙滩社区) to help them practice oral English.

The seniors are enthusiastic about improving their oral English out of personal interest or because their children are abroad. Some of them are not Beishatan community residents but came a long way to join this event. Moved by their strong thirst for knowledge, the alumni spent a memorable afternoon talking freely with the seniors. At the end of the event, a grey-haired senior recited a touching poem When we grow old (《变老的时候》) by Qi Li (李琦), which conveyed a precious state of peace and hope at old age.

The event not only gave the seniors an opportunity to practice their oral English, but also taught the alumni volunteers a valuable lesson—when we grow old, our passion for life, our yearning to live to the fullest would never change.