On the evening of Saturday, Nov. 02the Harvard Club of Beijing and the Columbia Club of Beijing presented a wonderful concert in  Four Seasons Hotel Beijing .

This concert combines folk music and Western opera ingeniously with the brilliant performance of soprano Wang Bingbing, tenor Wu Pan, tenor Wang Du, tenor Jim Price, pianist Sun Jiayi and pianist Zhou Xiang. 

He Ting from the Columbia Club of Beijing, the chief of the concert, mentioned that many classical repertoires have been given artistic vitality because of their strong national sensibility. Since 2019 is the 70th anniversary of China, and China has also ushered in a magnificent national renaissance. So this year's concert is a feast of passionate, simple and powerful folk music.

Another concert director, Harvard alumnus Yu Fei, said that the concerts were held by the effort of the Harvard Club of Beijing and the Columbia Club of Beijing, and they have been doing it for five years. Thanks to the support of Mr. Zhang Ligang, a Harvard Alumni and the founder of Aikang Group, the quality and level of the concert have been continuously improved, bringing a sense of hearing and visual feast to the alumni in Beijing.